About Gamechangers

Who are

Gamechangers is the new generation of believers whose identity is firmly rooted in the revelation of who God is and who He has called us to be according to Colossians 3:11-17. We live to be in constant relationship with Jesus, choosing His will for our lives over any personal preference or desire. As a collective body we are united in our core beliefs to instill a Kingdom-first culture across multiple generations.

Why do
gamechangers matter?

God has an intense desire for His people to understand that their purpose, their identity, comes directly from Him. God makes it a priority for His people to know the difference between their own desires and His purpose for them. In order to truly make a difference for God’s kingdom we have to live beyond our preferences, seeking His purpose for our lives. Did you know that the very reason for your existence is because God saw a problem on this earth that only you can solve in this season?

What is the purpose for gamechangers?

Our mandate is to raise up a generation of people to become fully trained and equipped to operate boldly in the power of the Holy Spirit to establish God’s kingdom in every area of society!