Sometimes we face challenging and difficult seasons that make us feel like we’re all alone. You must remember that the counsel and wisdom of the Holy Spirit is always available and comes in many forms – through people, sermons, and the Bible to name a few. God speaks to you through many avenues to make a point of letting you know that you’re never alone and He is always with you. If you’re ever in need of encouragement, be sure to bookmark this page as there will be regular blogs by Pastor Matthew and Anthony to help remind you that through Jesus you are already victorious, and whatever you’re facing is an opportunity for you to do a victory lap in the face of the enemy!

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Tapping into a breakthrough anointing through prayer

Tapping into a breakthrough anointing through prayer

A life of consistent breakthrough. What does that look like? Most likely you’ve either read or heard about it in so many different scenarios in the Bible and like most, you probably marvel at how God could move so miraculously through ordinary and even rebellious...

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